City of Arcadia, Florida

Council Member Judy Wertz-Strickland

Council Member Judy Wertz-Strickland

Judy Wertz-Strickland is a life-long resident of Arcadia and DeSoto County, she has one son Robert Edward (Eddie) Wertz and a daughter, Kimberlyn Wertz DuCette, three grandsons and one granddaughter, all residents of DeSoto County. She is a member of Oak Hill Baptist Church, Arcadia, FL.

She graduated from DeSoto County High School in 1960 and attended Florida Southern College receiving a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in 1996. She received 3 certifications in safety and compliance and works with H2A labor processing workers for temporary work visas. At the present time, she holds a Labor License from the State of Florida and US Department of Labor.

Presently, she was elected council member of the City of Arcadia, and is serving on The Ridge League of Cities Board of Directors, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, Member of the Advocacy Committee and the Nominating Committee. Mrs. Wertz-Strickland finished all three of the classes from Institute of Elected Municipal Officials, IEMO I, IEMO 11, AND IEMO III and is a member of the DeSoto County Economic & Tourism Development Advisory Committee. She has membership in the DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce, Leadership DeSoto Class V111, Arcadia Main Street, DeSoto County Historical Society and the Arcadia Rotary Club.

Her vision for Arcadia is to establish a partnership with DeSoto County and find ways to stimulate the growth of the City of Arcadia. Her wish is for our development, redevelopment and revitalization challenges to be so effective that it will inspire people to reside here.

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