City of Arcadia, Florida

Streets Division

Supervisor:  Jerrald Simons
Administrative Clerk: Julie Sutton

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s streets, roadway/stop signs, ditches, storm drains and picking up of brush/limbs (vegetation).

If you have a concern or would like to report an issue with a street, sign or other issue please call 863-494-4334.

Brush/Limbs Pickup

  • Place debris on the right-of-way closest to the street.
  • Debris should not interfere with any sidewalks, residential property, stormwater drainage, or vehicular traffic.
  • Debris must be kept away from telephone poles, trees, and electrical lines.
  • Do not tie, bag, or mix debris with anything other than yard debris.
  • Debris must be cut into length of less than 4 feet.
  • Tree trunks may not be greater than eight (8) inches in diameter.
  • Do not place debris more than 5 feet from curb.

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