City of Arcadia, Florida

Water Treatment Plant Division

The City of Arcadia has a 1.5 mgd Ion Exchange Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The plant was named after Eugene Hickson Sr., the first African-American to be elected as Mayor of the City of Arcadia. The WTP is staffed by three full-time operators and one part-time employee.

The WTP operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and treats an average flow of approximately 0.800 mgd and maximum flow of approximately 1.0 MGD.

The City of Arcadia received a grant/loan from the FDEP State Revolving Loan Program for the design and construction of the WTP in 2010, construction commenced in 2012 and the treatment plant was completed in early 2013.  Engineering design and construction services was provided by Hazen and Sawyer with Julie Karleskint serving as Project Manager.

The WTP consist of a booster pump station, anion and cation exchange units, chemical feed system, chlorine contact vessel, ground storage tank, high service pump station and operations building.  The WTP has been designed to accommodate additional units to provide treatment up to one additional Anion and Cation Vessel if water consumption increases.  The WTP is controlled by SCADA and Radio Telemetry. Changes to the process control for the WTP can be made via a cell phone or computer. Alarms are sent to the lead operator through text messages and a recorded voice message. The City of Arcadia’s water quality has improved and chemical costs have been cut in half since the Ion Exchange WTP has been servicing the citizens of Arcadia.

Contact Information for Utilities

AJ Berndt, Director –

Water Treatment Plant – 863-494-1626;;

Waste Water Treatment Plant – 863-494-3464;

Emergency Numbers

  • 863-990-0133 (City of Arcadia On-Call – after hours)
  • DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office – 863-993-4700

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