City of Arcadia, Florida


City Clerk

How do I contact the City Councilmembers? Each Councilmember has an email address which is their <first initial><last name> For example, if the Mayor was Sam Smith, he could be contacted at Please note however that Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communication, including email, to or from the City of Arcadia officials are public record and subject to disclosure to the public and/or media upon request. How do I get on the Council's agenda? There is time allotted during each Council meeting for members of the public to speak on any topic. However, your remarks should be addressed to the Mayor and Council and on point. Your time will be limited to three minutes. However, if you have a more elaborate presentation, complete with materials to be distributed, please contact the City Clerk's Office (494-4114) to receive information regarding the deadline submittal date. When does the City Council / Planning & Zoning Board / Airport / Property Maintenance Standards Review / Historic Preservation Commission Committees meet? The City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 PM in the Council Chambers of the Margaret Way Building, 23 N. Polk Avenue. The Property Maintenance Standards Review Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at 1 PM and the Historic Preservation Commission also meets on the second Monday of each month at 4 PM. The Planning and Zoning Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month (only as needed) at 4 PM. The Airport Advisory Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month (only as needed with the time to be determined). If needed, meeting cancellation notices will be posted on the website.

Mobile Home Park

What kind of activities does the City Mobile Home Association provide? Many fun activities are scheduled at the Club House, from pot luck dinners, bingo, card games, crafts, quilting in addition to a coffee social each Wednesday morning. There are three shuffleboard courts located on Main Street. Can I have the same lot year after year? No spot is guaranteed to any one individual. Reservations may be made one month prior to arrival. What amenities are included in the City Mobile Home Park? The services provided by the park include water, basic lawn service and garbage. Electricity is provided for the RV's. Is Internet Service available at the Mobile Home Park? Yes, but at the resident's or guest's own expense. How do I make a reservation? For more information phone the Parks and Recreation Department at 863.494.2000 one month before arrival.

Parks & Recreation

Can I rent a facility or park pavilion for an event, party etc? The Speer Recreation Center, the Smith-Brown Gym and the Margaret Way Building all may be rented as well as a park or pavilion. Groups, organizations or families desiring use of any recreation facility must fill out an equipment checkout/rental application form. A facility use fee and damage/cleaning deposit is required to cover the cost of maintenance and utilities. Requests for use of tennis courts, shuffleboard courts and ball fields must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation department. A Certificate of Insurance is required for the protection of the city and its property. Non-Scheduled use of recreation and park area shall be available to all citizens free of charge. Please note that No alcohol or drugs are permitted in any City facility or on City Property. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. For more information phone: 863-494-2000. Do you rent tables and chairs? Tables and chairs will be available for public use when not in conflict with department services. The following rental fees apply: Tables - $5.00 each, Chairs $0.50 each. A refundable damage deposit of $25.00 will be charged for equipment rental. Do you have a walking track or exercise equipment? The City of Arcadia has 3 walking tracks located at Lake Katherine, Lewis Anderson Park and Jim Space Park. In addition Lake Katherine is equipped with exercise stations located around the lake.

Public Works

When are my trash collection days? For RESIDENTIAL customers, household garbage pickup days are Tuesday & Friday if you are EAST OF DESOTO AVE (Hwy 17 S); and Monday & Thursday if you live WEST OF DESOTO AVE (Hwy 17 S) What time should I put my garbage out? Garbage pickup begins at 6:30 AM. Be sure your garbage is out by that time. The City missed picking up my garbage. Do I have to wait until next time? If your garbage is missed, call PUBLIC WORKS at 494-4334 before 1 PM. There's a dead animal on my street. Who will pick it up? Call PUBLIC WORKS at 494-4334 I'm planning some yard clean-up work. Will the City collect my leaves and tree branches? Brush removal, which is stacked or bagged and placed at the curb, will be collected by the City. Please call PUBLIC WORKS at 494-4334 to initiate a work order but also realize collection runs in quadrants throughout the City, so your debris may not be picked up for a day or two following that call. Your patience is appreciated. City residents are entitled to one free brush removal pickup per month. My street has developed a large pothole. Will you repair it? Yes, street maintenance is a service of the Public Works Department. Please report the location to 494-4334. A large tree limb has broken off and is blocking some of the road. Call PUBLIC WORKS at 863-494-4334. I have an old washer*/dryer*/refrigerator*/sofa/chair/bookcase/desk/mattress...Will the City haul it away? Yes, Miscellaneous collection day is Wednesday; but there is a minimum $10 charge per pick up. Call PUBLIC WORKS at 494-4334 to schedule a pick up. *PLEASE REMOVE OR SECURELY PADLOCK ALL APPLIANCE DOORS WHICH COULD ENTRAP/ENDANGER A CHILD. To whom do I report a street sign or stop sign that's down or missing? Call PUBLIC WORKS at 863-494-4334 with the location of what's down or missing.

Systems Department

What is the connection fee to hook up to Water and Sewer? The charge for residential water is $482.50 and $636.00 for sewer inside the City limits. For areas served by the City but just outside the corporate limits, County residential costs are $1,500 for water and $3,500 for sewer. Commercial rates vary according to the type of business. Why do meter readers ride past my house and don't stop to read my meter? Meters are read electronically by a reading device located inside the vehicle, which picks up radio signals emitted by the meters. Meter readers do not have to physically read the meters in order to collect accurate data.

Traffic Operations

Who do I call about a street light or traffic light that is out? Contact DeSoto County Sheriff"s Office at 863-993-4700, who will notify the appropriate on-call personnel.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Who do I call for lift station problems or about the beacon lights flashing on a lift station? Contact DeSoto County Sheriff"s Office at (863) 993-4700, who will notify the appropriate on-call personnel.

Water Department

Where/how do I pay my water bill? At the Utilities Dept in City Hall, 121 W. Hickory Street, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. Why did you shut my water off? Most often disruption of service is a result of non-payment of the utility bill. If you believe the disconnection is in error, please contact our office at 1-877-514-7788. Can I pay my bill or make a meter deposit on-line? Not at this time, but we�re will be improving and updating our site and services from time to time. My water looks white in color. Why? The white appearance is due to the treatment of the water with lime. However whether your water appears clear or white, it is COMPLETELY SAFE to drink.


Where do I get a marriage license, birth certificate or renew a driver's license? Those services are not administered by the City of Arcadia. You should call DeSoto Clerk of the Circuit Court (863) 993-4876 for a passport or marriage license, the DeSoto County Health Department at (863) 993-4601 for a birth certificate or the driver's License Bureau at (863) 993-4793 for renewal requirements. How much does a cemetery plot cost in Oak Ridge Cemetery? $750 for a regular burial space and $250 for a cremation space. Can I bury cremains in the City's cemetery? Yes, but a burial permit is required beforehand and the cost of the cremation space does not include opening or closing of the space. What does an occupational license cost? Fees for occupational licenses vary depending on the type of business, inventory size, and other factors. Contact the Finance Office at 494-2514 for complete information. When do occupational licenses expire? All licenses expire September 30th of each year. Late penalties, up to 25% of the licensing fee, are added for renewals or non-licensed businesses after October 1st. When are Occupational Licenses fees prorated? License fees are prorated as of April 1st of each year. How much does a cemetery plot cost in Oak Ridge Cemetery? $750 for a regular burial space and $250 for a cremation space. Can I bury remains in the City's cemetery? Yes, but a burial permit is required beforehand and the cost of the cremation space does not include opening or closing of the space. 

The City of Arcadia website is undergoing modifications to provide enhanced access to documents for disabled individuals who are visually impaired and to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make reasonable accommodations. If you would like to obtain a document not currently provided on the website, please contact our City Clerk, Penny Delaney, at 863-494-4114 Ext. 301 or Thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement these changes.

Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications, to or from local officials regarding city business, are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your email communications may be subject to public disclosure.